Decoding Origins


Have you ever wondered if God is real, if He cares about you, and if he can improve your life right now? Maybe you are waiting for more evidence to have some big questions answered? Join us as Dr. Cauley walks us through this powerful four part series.


Presentation Topics

1. Fri., Oct. 21 @ 6 PM—Is There Evidence for God? 


2. Sat., Oct. 22 @ 10 AM—Which One: Creation & Evolution? 



3. Sat., Oct. 22 @ 11 AM—Is the Story of Jesus True?



4. Sat., Oct. 22 @ 1.5 PM—What Other Evidence Leads Us to a Caring God?

About Dr. Brad Cauley

Dr. Brad Cauley is from South Carolina is married to Nellie, and they have two children: Alexandra and Bradford. Brad is passionate about searching for God and for the last 20+ years enjoys sharing with others. He loves to travel as well. He hopes you are inspired by this upcoming seminar.